US FKM70 25MPa -15/+200

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US FKM70 25MPa -15/+200

US FKM70 25MPa -15/+200


Bonded seals (US, USS) are metal washers with a trapezoidal elastomer sealing lip vulcanised to their inner diameter.

Product group: Bonded seal
US with inner vulcanised elastomer sealing lip
USS with inner vulcanised elastomer sealing lip and additional centring

Sealing material: Elastomer sealing lip NBR, NB 70
Elastomer sealing lip FKM, FP 70
Colour: NBR 70, black; FKM 70, brown

Washer: Carbon steel SAE 1008 (1.0330)
Stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301)
Surface protection Zinc plated washer: carbon (Cr VI free) steel 
Colour: Silver-grey

Operational application limits
Temperature NBR: -30°C to +100°C
Temperature FKM: -15°C to +200°C

The maximum operating pressure is dependent on the design of the seal, the material, the dimensions, the counter surface and the tightening torque. Bonded seals are suitable for up to 25 Mpa pressure without counterbores in the counter surfaces.

Counter surface
Surface finish
Rmax    ≤ 15 μm
Ra           3.2 μm