SNI E 07 STI NBR80 40MPa -30/+100

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SNI E 07 STI NBR80 40MPa -30/+100

SNI E 07 STI NBR80 40MPa -30/+100

SNI 07

Product group: Rod seal
Design: NI asymmetrical u-ring with inner main sealing lip
Profile no.: 07
Specification: E suitable for one-sided pressure load
Model: STI inner back-up ring
Seal material: NBR 80 3002
Seal back: NBR fabric NBR F 80 3001
Back-up ring: POM

Operational application limits
Pressure (MPa): ≤ 40
Temperature (°C): -30 to +100
Running speed (m/s): ≤ 0.5

Hydraulic oils acc. to DIN 51524 Part 1 – 3, lubricating oils, mineral oil based lubricating greases, highly non-flammable hydraulic fluids HFA, HFB, HFC acc. to VDMA 24317

The u-ring SNI 07 is produced in a compact design which guarantees good functioning at low pressures. The SNI 07 compact seal additionally has an integrated back-up ring which also prevents gap extrusion at high pressures on the side facing away from the pressure.